Friends don't let friends drink and drone

"DON'T DRINK AND DRONE," beseeches Politico defense reporter Leigh Munsil, because apparently we needed to spell that out, now that we know the man who crashed the drone at the White House was drinking (10,500+ shares). "This headline keeps getting better & better," relishes Garance Franke-Ruta with Yahoo News. "Let he who hasn't gone drinking, decided to fly a drone, & crashed it onto the White House lawn cast the first stone," Barry Malone with Al Jazeera English commands. "A six-pack of beer, a few pals, and a drone. What could possibly go wrong?" asks National Journal's Ron Fournier.

There's the thesis for your next columnMaureen Dowd.

It's also hard to resist wondering who was drinking at the White House when the proposal to end 529 college savings plans was introduced, because it looks like Obama will be dropping it under pressure from lawmakers on both sides and the upper middle class (14,000+ shares). "How tone deaf is the president? Very, as he tucks tail on taxing college savings plans," summarizes political columnist Sherman Frederick with Las Vegas Review-Journal.  "Lesson seems to be that one should never take on the coastal upper-middle-class, but I thought we knew that already," muses Reihan Salam with National Review and Slate.

"Boom!" Bloomberg Business is off with a bang (more on that in our Watercooler section) with the popular post that peers inside a British bank-bombing spree, which is pretty much what it sounds like. While we're talking money, apparently Yahoo would rather not pay taxes on its Alibaba shares. Also, now that Mitt Romney openly calls Utah home, we also learn that he began building expensive homes after his 2012 loss.

In news you need to know: two soldiers are dead and seven wounded iafter a Hezbollah anti-tank missile strikes IDF vehicle on Lebanon's border. Meanwhile, the children of the Shoah returned to Auschwitz yesterday.

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