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Jan 29, 2015

"BLOGGING KILLS," concludes BuzzFeed's Charlie Warzel, in the wake of news that longtime blogger Andrew Sullivan is hanging up his digital hat for good (11,100+ shares). "Media Twitter, assemble," commands Newsweek's Polly Mosendz, accurately predicting the onslaught of journalist tweets. "WHAT? He is the FATHER of blogging. Don't go, dad!" pleads NPR's Elise Hu. "Bloggers note: @sullydish stopping in part bc health issues from '15 yrs of daily, hourly, always-on-deadline stress'," notices James Poniewozik of TIME Magazine. "One is not a trend, but @sullydish giving up blogging bolsters my nascent hunch that we're reaching Peak Overshare," reflects Vulture blogger Adam Sternbergh.

It was enough to send BuzzFeed's Ben Smith on a nostalgic textual journey back through his life in the blogosphere By the way, we liked that his social URL, a big thing at BuzzFeed right now, secretly reads "this is my blog." "Had never thought of the original major bloggers as essentially story assigners for next tier. Fascinating," reacts features editor Anne Helen Petersen. Although journalist Evan Hill dissents, "I've always associated the rise of TPM, et al, with my rising distaste for US political reporting, but what do I know."

Turning from politickers to the politics they cover, you should be aware that the White House is expressing displeasure over a speech planned by Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu (13,000+ shares). Meanwhile, the U.S. government has also suddenly gone quiet on how it is using $65 billion is being used to build Afghanistan's army and police forces. Applications for unemployment aid have also plunged to a 15-year low in the U.S. And in Malaysia, the search "ends" for the MH370 plane.

And on the subject of the politicos themselves, a scoop by Politico's Mike Allen indicates Hillary Clinton may delay her campaign. "Delaying her campaign launch could feed the sense that Hillary Clinton is seeking a coronation, not an election," editorial director Blake Hounshell fills in the blanks. Good news for Hill: after digging into Bill Clinton's travels with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, Ken Bensinger finds plenty of innuendo, but no hard evidence of a new Clinton sex scandal. And two items for today's edition of Mitt-mocking: Bloomberg's "The Re-Re-Rebranding of Mitt Romney" and Washington Post's "How big is Mitt Romney's house?" Here, compare it to yours, entreats Philip Bump.

While all this is going on, WaPo's Ben Terris just wants to know one thing: "Sherrod Brown was Elizabeth Warren before Elizabeth Warren. Why aren’t progressives begging him to run for president?" (4,000+ shares). WAMU's Mike Martinez shared this detail: "On first date with his future wife, Sherrod Brown gave her two pages of his favorite quotations." Eater's Missy Frederick replies to him, "we ohioans are smooth." Brown's wife, Pulitzer-winning columnist Connie Schultz, has a bone to pick with Terris, however: "Really, really Sherrod isn't running for president -- & I never share 'pillow talk.' Please retire that cliche." National Journal's Andrea Drusch is inspired: "New plan, @SenSherrodBrown's wife for prez." 

In brewing controversies, a bold new Newsweek cover along with Nina Burleigh's accompanying piece has people buzzing about what Silicon Valley thinks of women (5,200+ shares), and it's a mixture of reactions. For the Huffington PostJason Cherkis offers a stunning portrayal of heroin addicts that ultimately points out we aren't using the right treatment to save them (17,000 (amazing) shares). Molly Redden with Mother Jones admits, "I *can't* stop reading @jasoncherkis' latest. In line at the store. On the bus. On a train, in a box, with a fox…" Also, here are the 6 days that felled Sheldon Silver, who ruled Albany for decades. And the story that's in every publication and on every station this morning: the father of the boy with leukemia asking California School officials to bar unvaccinated students (11,000+ shares). Wall Street Journal's Chris Canipe responds, "Good God. 7% of students at one elementary are unvaccinated and that's LOW for the Bay area?!" 

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