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Feb 02, 2015

Even as an outbreak of measles spreads across 14 states, Gov. Chris Christie says parents "need to have some measure of choice" about vaccinating their children against it (2,200+ shares), breaking with President Obama to call for "balance," whatever that is supposed to mean. "Chris Christie: mandatory quarantine for Ebola healthcare workers but parents should have choice on vaccines," observes Meredith Blake with the LA Times. "Wow, Chris Christie *really* doesn't want to be president," concludes The Atlantic's Matt Ford. "What was Christie’s calculation here? Winning fringe nutjobs is worth alienating people who believe in science?" wonders Circa's Daniel Bentley.

As for the opinion of WSJ's Jason Zweig on whether parents should have a choice, he tweets, "Yes: to schedule the shots in either a.m. or p.m."

Elsewhere in headlines, officials say the U.S. is taking a "fresh look" at arming Ukraine's forces against Russian-backed separatists (6,300+ shares), news that coincides with this beautiful report from The Guardian's Shaun Walker on a Donetsk opera house: "tanks on the street but the show must go on." "In this fine piece on Donetsk opera house, @shaunwalker7 combines his voluminous talents for opera and war reporting," praises Moscow writer Joshua Yaffa.

Hours after the Islamic State revealed a video claiming to have beheaded journalist Kenji Goto, a message he tweeted more than four years ago is spreading throughout social media. We defy you to read it without developing a lump in your throat. Meanwhile, Kobani remains in ruins after the ISIL defeat there. "Commander who saved Kobani is named Mr. Kurdistan," notices Charles Levinson with Reuters.

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