Where do we begin with Argentina?

Feb 04, 2015

"It might actually be time to cry for Argentina," quips GOP strategist Brad Dayspring, because a draft of an arrest warrant for Argentina's president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has been found at the slain prosecutor Alberto Nisman’s home (an update that garnered ~29,000 shares so far). The reactions from journalists were almost universally of the profane or gobsmacked variety: "File this in 'this is insane' category," concludes Vassy Kapelos at Global News. "Meanwhile in WTF," First Look Media's Andy Carvin bills it. "Actually shouted OMG when Reuters flashed this while in gallery during #c4news tonight," admits Oliver King with Channel 4 NewsThe Atlantic's Yoni Appelbaum wonders, "At what point does the death of Alberto Nisman cease to be a domestic scandal, and become an international crisis?" The arrest warrant accused Argentina's president of trying to shield Iran of responsibility for the bombing of the Jewish center. "Horrifying aspect of this crazy Argentina story is that it has stoked even more anti-Semitism,"laments Alexander C. Kaufman at the Huffington Post.

Then came the second wave of responses, which were more skeptical. Bloomberg TV's Francine Lacqua felt compelled to ask, "really?? They somehow wouldn't think of looking through the bin???" Two judges have already refused to take the case made by Nisman ("I can't imagine why!" jokes David A. Graham, also with The Atlantic), although as Ishaan Tharoor with the Washington Post points out, "As NYT article notes, existence of draft warrant is mostly proof of Nisman's animosity toward Kirchner and her govt."

The third wave mainly consisted of marveling over the narrative's cinematic possibilities. Christopher Hayes with MSNBC tweets, "Really hope some English language crew is in Argentina making an hour-long Frontline style mini doc about this."  And of course, someone had to say it, and that someone was Erik Malinowski with Fox Sports: "This is like 'House of Cards: Buenos Aires.'" And that's a thing already--it's just a little harder to tell when the Argentine flag is upside down.

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