Last media meanderings for the week

Feb 06, 2015

The Awl's John Herrman says the next Internet is TV (warning: this read may depress you if you like the web the way it is, but it's an astute piece if you can stomach it!). Although Alex Howard with TechRepublic points out, "You know, what @jwherrman describes here ... isn't so different from what @reportedly has done so far."  

Elsewhere in media, The Washington Post, a paper that broke the Watergate scandal, apparently once had a Kardashian-sized obsession with a president's cow (a literal one; we are not insulting his First Lady) and even tried to interview her several times. Also, Gina Rinehart is selling her entire Fairfax stake. And Clickhole is at it again, lamenting that the U.S. is ranked 182nd In the world alphabetically, which is just inexcusable! Oh, you rascally Clickhole.

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