America loses two newsman at once

"America's most trusted journalist is hanging it up," tweets Guardian's Dan Gillmor, and for a moment we all thought it might be Brian Williams, given recent events, but then this followed: "Yes, Jon Stewart is leaving Daily Show." (26,000+ shares) What ensued was a collective howl as the Internet cried out as one in some variation of "why Stewart why" or "nooooooo," give or take a few Os. Gillmor wasn't the only person to link Stewart's news with Williams: "Jon Stewart leaving Daily Show? Clearly, Brian Williams should replace him, given his experience with fake news," quips GeekWire's Todd Bishop. Channeling Upworthy's love of Stewart, Yoni Appelbaum with The Atlantic entreats, "Watch Jon Stewart totally DESTROY this television show." But where is he going?! "Jon Stewart leaving TDS? Place your bets on whether he's going to Genius, Fusion or Snapchat," suggests Joy Press at the LA Times. Here's the NYT's takePolitico's takeUSA Today's take and Variety's.

John Oliver, you better not go anywhere.

The news partially eclipsed (but only slightly, as you may have noticed) the earlier evening bombshell that NBC News has suspended Brian Williams without pay for six months (16,300+ shares). "Hmmm, is that sufficient?" wonders 7News Boston's Susan Tran. Journalist Jay Rosen also notices, "It says a lot that Brian Williams wanted to replace Jay Leno. He was serious about it. ... That was a blinking red light." And here again, it was hard not to link this to Stewart's departure, as unlikely as it may be. As The Upshot's Damon Darlin notes, "Brian Williams banned by NBC for 6 months; same time Jon Stewart leaves his show. A replacement at hand?" Meanwhile, TIME's Andrew Katz points out an "[a]mazing juxtaposition on Wednesday's NYT A1."

Here lies the official statement from NBC News President Deborah Turness. Check out Politico's take, CNN's take, and Washington Post's take. And then there's Poynter's Al Tompkins with why NBC didn’t flat-out fire him.

Too upset for words, we've decided to let a scene from Anchorman speak for us instead.

None of this takes away from the truly tragic headline from yesterday: the confirmation that ISIS hostage Kayla Mueller has died. President Obama told BuzzFeed that not paying her ransom "is as tough as anything I do." Heart-breakingly, attempts were made to rescue Mueller, but they all failed. "A series of failed (& frustrating) attempts to free Kayla Mueller included a ruse & meetings with foreign leaders," elaborates Arizona Republic's Kristen DelGuzzi. WaPo's Dan Zak reflects, "I guess if you're a hostage & a visitor claims to be your spouse you should go along with it. Geez."

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