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First, the politics. That massive e-mail dump that Jeb Bush did yesterday to prove his transparency? Well, in doing so, the so-called "eGovernor" has managed to also unknowingly post the emails, home addresses, and social security numbers of numerous Florida residents online (~6,000 shares). "Bless his stupid heart," reacts J.D. Prose from the Beaver County Times. "Transparency! It's only sort of a good idea, sometimes," muses WSJ's Christopher Mims. Plus, now the post's author T.C. Sottek updates us, "I have heard from several lawyers that Florida's disclosure of SSNs violated state law." Not a good day to be Jeb.

Incidentally, if you want to attend Jeb's Wall Street fundraiser, it costs $100,000 a head.

Hillary Clinton's day doesn't seem much better, as her team shows signs of disquiet. "The backwards invisible primary: elites fighting for influence on Hillary, rather than candidates fighting for elites," observes NYT's Nate Cohn. Meanwhile, BuzzFeed's big interview with the actual president reports that Obama applauds the Supreme Court's move to end “patchwork” marriage laws (2,000+ shares). "Kudos to @BuzzFeedBen for getting news out of Obama interview, but wish he asked about Axe/lying," laments HuffPo's Igor Bobic. Jumping back to the hopefuls, Scott Walker is the first 2016 would-be president to open an Iowa office (800+). Abroad, a Mexican political family has close corrupt party ties and lavish homes in the U.S., counter to "the Everyman image" the patriarch has tried to project as governor (4,000+ shares).

Now for the press part. The Toronto Star is under fire for massively botching a story about the HPV vaccine Gardasil (3,300+ shares). The best/worst part? Freelance journalist Maryn McKenna summarizes, "@juliaoftoronto looks into Toronto paper’s anti-HPV vaccine story; EIC mocks that she’s 'gargling our bathwater.'" That's not the only disheartening story today about publishing: The Bakersfield Californian's editors apparently want "quick-hit 4-inchers based on as few as one source" ... ?! At the Center for Investigative Reporting, Amy Julia Harris admits, "Glad I passed on working here...Bakersfield Californian editors want 'what I saw on my way to work' daily stories."

All right, we all need a pick-me-up after those items, so, feast your eyes on how zookeepers in China and Japan dress up staff in animal costumes for drills, in case animals ever escape (6,700+). "Real tiger is all, 'Dude, you're doing it wrong,'" realizes freelance journalist Kathy Vey.

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