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Let's start with the big "whoops" of the day: for a brief moment, House of Cards season three was mistakenly uploaded early to Netflix (13,000+ shares). "[N]ot gonna be able to make it to the all-hands," jokes The Verge's Nitasha Tiku. In pretend spoilers (we hope), Chris Ziegler tweets, "I can't believe frank underwood dies in ep 3 of #HouseOfCards season 3. how are they going to carry the show?" Just like that, however, Netflix noticed the error and pulled it down--but apparently you could keep watching if you just refrained from refreshing. "I'm still watching House of Cards Season 3. I'm afraid. to touch. anything," BuzzFeed's Louis Peitzman admits.

In an about-face, the Toronto Star does right by everyone by setting the record straight on the HPV vaccine (2,700 shares). "Have a friend who was scared off of the HPV vaccine after the @TorontoStar story? Share this editorial with them," advises Vox's Julia Belluz, who helped lead the charge against them. Also on the subject of vaccines, regard the sickeningly low vaccination rates at Silicon Valley daycares as well as this telling WSJ graphic on battling infectious diseases in the 20th century.

Meanwhile, Popular Mechanics just put out a piece as popular as their name, peering deep into how the New York Times works (hint: they're all sleepless vampires--which we guess makes BuzzFeed the werewolves?). Lydia Polgreen there seems a fan: "Lovely piece on the daily miracle that is the NYT." 

Elsewhere in media, Twitter bought NicheA. Scott reviewed Fifty Shades of Grey and still seems in disbelief over having done so. Plus, CJR makes the case for what mainstream outlets can learn from sports blogs.

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