Monday media mash-up

Lest we enjoy Presidents' Day too much, Erica Armstrong Dunbar offers a discomfiting NYT piece on George Washington, Slave Catcher (3,100+ shares). The New Republic's Jamil Smith entreats, "Happy Presidents' Day! Read about how much George Washington loved keeping black people enslaved. (Spoiler: a lot.)" A total of 14 George Polk Awards have been given for journalistic awards, including three for the NY Times and one to the Chicago Sun-Times for their "dogged" Koschman investigation. Columnist Connie Schultz advises, "#AdviceForYoungJournalists: Start your week reading list of Polk Awards in Journalism. The mission continues."

Speaking of the NY Times, it could be worth $19 billion instead of $2 billion (~900 shares). Or as Farhad Manjoo puts it, "A chart that proves I’m much more valuable than a Buzzfeed employee." The Times also produced a beautiful obituary for former U.S. poet laureate and Pulitzer-winner Philip Levine, who has died at 87. And Australia Broadcasting Corporation presenter Sarah Ferguson is under fire because supposedly her interview with Joe Hockey "breached ABC bias guidelines" (2,300 shares). BBC News Sydney correspondent Jon Donnison shares, "ABC Sarah Ferguson's great int with Oz treasurer lacked 'respect.' Silly. Lord knows what they'd make of Jeremy Paxman."

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