Thursday's question of the day

Our last question asked: Who won the Westminster "Best in Show" award this week? (Did you agree with the judge's choice?) That would be Miss P., a beagle, whose win caught many by surprise.

Congratulations to David Daniel of CNN for being the first to answer that correctly! Honorable mentions go out to Ken WalkerEugene HuntThomas Feyer (who was the first to weigh in on the choice: he doesn't care), Charlotte LoBuono (who wonders, "Can a potty bag endorsement deal be far behind?"), Dan Rosenbaum (who remarks "lovely dogs but (Snoopy aside) are a bit talkative"), Annie M. Dance (who adds "my dog Harley, @CTCanines co-founder, is very happy, he's a #beagle mix"), Marilyn Parel (who adds "I do NOT agree"), Kate WathenMan Cave (?!), John Wall (who correctly notes that Miss P. is a "distant relative of Uno the only previous beagle to win it all"), Brianne O'DonnellEve Byron (who seemed to be in disbelief over the choice), Margo Howard (opinion: "No."), Claudine LaforceCorey WesleyHollywood HighlandsCindi Lash ("I don't care about the choice; I'm a lover of rescue mutts."), Ron Casalotti (who adds that Miss P.'s owner is Patty Hearst Shaw, "bringing this journalism thing full circle"), and Francis Hinchey (who concludes "Hooray for the common pooch") for all getting that right as well.
As for today's question, here it is: A Maryland man recently fashioned a rather unusual snowmobile to clear snow at his business. What was it about the home-made 'mobile that's raising eyebrows?
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