Question of the Day

Our last question asked: A Maryland man recently fashioned a rather unusual snowmobile to clear snow at his business. What was it about the home-made 'mobile that's raising eyebrows? Well, to be quite blunt, it's a motorized toilet.

Congratulations to Jason Shevrin for being the very first to answer that question! Honorable mentions go out to Amy Bennett WilliamsJim DeLaKen Walker (who notes "I knew it just had to be a toilet, and it was"), Edward TennerDavid DanielFrancis Hinchey (who quips "He's flushed with pride"), Joe Clancy (who points out it's "to promote his hardware store"), Dan Rosenbaum (who presumes it's "non-functioning" and we certainly hope so), and Kevin Simmons (who jokes "Hopefully everyone avoids the yellow snow...") for also getting that right.

As for today's question, here it is: A nation's leader debuted a new look recently, and it's raising some eye brows (hint, hint). Who is it and what was the change that caused the stir?
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