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Maria Golovnina, Reuters' bureau chief for Pakistan-Afghanistan, has been found dead in her Islamabad office at age 34. No cause of death has been released yet. A statement from Reuters can be found here. "So sad to hear of Maria Golovnina's death. A smiley and talented corro and one of the first people I met at Reuters," shares colleague Stephen Eisenhammer. "I'm heartbroken. Maria will be missed," tweets Brian Tracey, also with Reuters. At the Guardian, Shaun Walker laments, "This is just such awful, awful news. Maria was a great journalist and a funny, sharp person. Lost for words."

In the U.K., The Telegraph reports that Jack Straw and Sir Malcolm Rifkind are implicated in the latest "cash for access" scandal (6,000+ shares). "Two British political heavyweights in very hot water for 'offering to work on behalf of fictitious Chinese company'," explains Shanghai correspondent Tom Phillips. Meanwhile, the Swiss account secret of HSBC chief Stuart Gulliver has been revealed by the Guardian (6,100+ shares). "Domiciled Hong Kong. Born Britain. With Swiss account held by Panamanian company. Meet Stuart Gulliver, boss of HSBC," details deputy editor Paul Johnson.

Elsewhere abroad, Al Jazeera offers a glimpse into the world of espionage (2,500 shares). "Potentially potent @AJEnglish announces a series of reports on The Spy Cables -- from UK, Russia, Iran, SA, Israel," freelance journalist David Lepeska elaborates. In a show of "complete surrender to reality," economists say Greece lost its austerity fight. "Though it's not over yet," points out Paul Gordon with Bloomberg News.

Swinging back around to American politics, new documents show the expensive tastes of Jeb Bush’s "low-key" wife (2,800+ shares). "What happened in May 2000 that prompted Columba Bush to spend in a single day 1/5 of her family’s annual income?" wonders The Atlantic's David Frum. Simultaneously, Vice President Joe Biden's recent trips fan speculation about a potential 2016 run.

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