Tuesday's question of the day

Our last question asked: What's the back story on the "unrealistic" prop used in J-Lo's recent flick "The Boy Next Door?" That would be a "first edition" of The Iliad, which is a bit confusing, considering the first editions would have been oral; the true "first edition" of the Iliad would be "3,000 years old and wasn't actually put down on papyrus, let alone paper, until the 10th century."

Congratulations to Craig Pittman of the Tampa Bay Times for being the first to correctly answer that (although he also wisely points out the prop was nevertheless a "rare 1800s edition"). Honorable mentions belong to Jeanne Kirk (who further elaborates that it was "an 1884 edition, translated by Alexander Pope"), Ken Walker (who notes "Every book has a 'first edition,' tho'"), Belinda Luscombe (who thanks NPR for informing her), Hiram Reisner (who remarks "Homer would be shocked"), Michelle LeBlancAislinn Kane (who calls the move "#awk," and we must agree), and Hollywood Highlands for all getting that right, as well! A special mention goes out to Carrie Gray, who humorously responded, "totally fake baby? Oh wait--totally wrong movie!"
As for today's question, here it is: An unexpected television program just parodied "House of Cards." What program, and how has Frank Underwood's character been "recast," so to speak?
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