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"The world's most wanted man has a name," notes The TimesTim Shipman, after The Washington Post's Adam Goldman and Souad Mekhennet outed "Jihadi John" as Mohammed Emwazi, a young Londoner from a well-to-do Kuwaiti family (8,100+ shares). The story behind the mask has introduced a chicken-or-the-egg style quandary: "Mohammed Emwazi as Rorschach test: Did the state radicalize him? Or did the state correctly ID a radical?" wonders Andrew Exum, to the retweets of many. "The banality of evil, v 2015: a well-off West Londoner with a degree in computer programming," summarizes Full Disclosure's Roben Farzad. Miriam Elder with BuzzFeed asks the question we're all wondering: "How was Jihadi John allowed to travel to Syria after so many years of being detained?"

BBC News also has this story (1,700 shares), although there's some dispute over where they got it. "Turns out 'BBC Reveals Jihadi John' is actually 'BBC Reads Washington Post'," tweets watchdog Media Guido. "I love @BBC but they don't have much of the story: @smekhennet and I own this," insists co-author Goldman. Mekhennet chimes in, "can't say how @BBC heard about it, but not from us. our story, including his own words and friends." Meanwhile, advocacy group CAGE has released a statement that Emwazi was "radicalized" by Britain. Not everyone agreed: "See, if the UK stopped defending itself against jihadi terrorism, jihadis wouldn’t be forced to resort to terrorism," tweets The Atlantic's David Frum.

What we do seem to agree on: one of the most unsettling successes of ISIS is its ability to attract Western newcomers via methods that go above and beyond theology (500+ shares).

In other scoops, foreign governments gave millions to the Clinton Foundation while Hillary was in the State Department (11,700+ shares). "Sleazy @ClintonFdn donations a result of the Clintons' biggest blind spot: Their belief that ends justify means," explains National Journal's Ron Fournier. Also, former University of Louisville basketball player Chris Jones has been charged with rape and sodomy. "One victim told police she was concerned #ChrisJones is a flight risk," details Candyce Clifft with WDRB 41 Louisville.

Now for the weird but seemingly true: strange lights on dwarf planet Ceres are blinking at us (we would remind everyone that this is how space horror movies start). A Russian TV actor allegedly woke up to find his testicles "stolen" after he says he was drugged by a blonde working for organ traffickers (7,000 shares). South Korea only just legalized adultery (2,400 shares). And G Train passengers insist there is a portal to a mysterious platform between subway stations, which one witness aptly described as "some Harry Potter s**t" (14,000+ shares).

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