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Our last question asked: So what color combination *is* #thedress? (And more importantly, are you #TeamBlackLlama or #TeamWhiteLlama?) The dress is indeed technically blue and black--although there are lots of explanations as to why you might have perceived it as gold and white. As for the llamas, that one was indeed a matter of opinion and totally up to you!

Congratulations to Mark Poepsel for being the very first to answer the dress question correctly, but we also must acknowledge Pittsburgh Magazine's Cindi Lash, who was the first to actually respond: "Sorry, can't weigh in. don't care enough about the damned dress. #thedress #TeamWhiteLlama" ... which is a perfectly valid reaction, too! Honorable mentions belong to M. Edward Borasky (who says he's #TeamVicuña),and Alan Blaustein (who went for the "dark llama") for also knowing the correct color of the dress. Special kudos to Tiffany Young, who is still holding it down for the gold-and-white faction, and to Hollywood Highlands, who has taken a completely different perspective and sees a black and white dress (and is also #TeamBlackLlama). Never let go!

As for today's question, here it is: What unusual (and perhaps not entirely legal) action are Canadians taking to honor beloved actor Leonard Nimoy (who passed away Friday)?

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