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Mar 03, 2015

"," tweets Daily Beast's Justin Miller, joining the throngs of journos currently playing a game of "Guess Hill's Email" after Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email account during her time in the State Department raised flags for the New York Times (36,000+ shares). "," suggests Drew Magary with GQ and Deadspin. At PoliticoJennifer Epstein points out, "pre-hack it apparently was" Why all the outrage, you ask? "Only reason to do this is to avoid discloses. Ridiculous," reacts BuzzFeed's Andrew Kaczynski. "Who among us hasn't switched email accounts when one is flooded with emails from foreigners asking for money," quips John Dickerson of CBS News.

To further thicken the plot, the Washington Post's Philip Bump reports the domain seems to have been registered the day of her Senate hearings and set to expire Jan. 13, 2017 (2,500+ shares). BuzzFeed's Tom Gara puts it this way: "If Frank Underwood created a secret email domain on the day of his confirmation we'd say the scriptwriters overdid it." What's more, Gawker's John Cook was on this story a long time ago: "we've known for two years that hillary conducted state business on an off-the-books email acct." (500+ shares) "That gulp you hear? Democrats wondering why they cleared the field for somebody who doesn't play by the rules," concludes National Journal's Ron Fournier.

Apparently Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech is all the rage on Capitol Hill, because it is akin to "if Taylor Swift and Katy Perry did a joint concert at Madison Square Garden wearing white-and-gold and black-and-blue dresses, accompanied by dancing sharks and llamas" (2,500+ shares). We cannot possibly add to that actual quote, so read Netanyahu's much anticipated address on Iran here. Relatedly, in a Reuters exclusive, Obama says Iran must halt nuclear work for at least a decade. Here's the full text. Meanwhile, Obamacare is back at the Supreme Court (yes, again), and Huffington Post says these 6 lives hang in the balance. At the same time, the House prepares to vote on the Homeland bill without immigration restrictions. Also just in: David Petraeus is close to a plea deal.

Twitter has escalated its own ISIS standoff by suspending 2,000 accounts last week (10,600+ shares). "So @dickc means what he says," admiringly tweets Starbucks' Corey duBrowa. For the NY Times, Maajid Nawaz writes on the education of "Jihadi John" (1,400+), seeking to explain the masked man by drawing connections with his own life: "I was born ... to a financially comfortable, well-educated Pakistani family. But I came of age as the genocide against Bosnian Muslims unfolded on the other side of Europe. That horror, coupled with the violence of white racists I experienced at home, led to my becoming disconnected from mainstream society."

On the subject of women's abuse, NYT's Alissa J. Rubin is back with a report on the thin line of defense against honor killings in Afghanistan. "This, about women's shelters in Afghanistan, is a must-read. Shameful lack of political will to help them emigrate," denounces freelance journalist Amy Crawford. Simultaneously, in India, an unrepentant Delhi rapist says his victim shouldn't have fought back. Baz Cooper of the Nottingham Post warns, "This is one of the most horrific things I have ever had the misfortune to read..." Another woman has come forward to accuse Bill Cosby, saying "he demanded she style her hair like Queen Noor of Jordan," details reporter Katie J.M. Baker. Lastly, the Duke Chronicle reveals Rasheed Sulaimon was at the center of sexual assault allegations prior to dismissal. "This @dailytarheel alum would like to commend the @DukeChronicle for its guts," shares Steve Politi, now with the New Jersey Star-Ledger.

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