Tuesday's question of the day

Our last question asked: What unusual (and perhaps not entirely legal) action are Canadians taking to honor beloved actor Leonard Nimoy (who passed away Friday)? That would be "Spocking" their five-dollar bill, the older version of which features Wilfrid Laurier, Canada's seventh prime minister, who bears enough of a passing resemblance to Nimoy's Spock that a black pen can make a convincing change. Also, TIME says no, it's not a crime.

Congratulations to Craig Pittman of the Tampa Bay Times for being the first to answer that correctly! Honorable mentions go out to his colleague Ken WalkerAshley M. ApodacaRon CasalottiClaudine LaforceAurora Strategy Grp.'s Marcel Wieder, Bailey McGowanCarrie GrayHollywood HighlandsFrancis Hinchey and Judyth Mermelstein 

As for today's question, here it is: A photo out of Essex that looks like it's "straight out of a children's fantasy book" features what surprising occurrence?

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