Meanderings from the media

India won't allow it to air, so BBC Storyville India's Daughter was uploaded to YouTube where it garnered more than 93,000 shares. "By banning it, Indian govt has made it likely even more Indians will see & debate #IndiasDaughter now," announces journalist Sunny Hundal. (Update: It's since been taken down due to a copyright claim from BBC?) Harper Lee "appears to be fully lucid" because she told Connor Sheets to "go away" (1,000+). The AP is preparing to use software to write NCAA game stories (2,200+), prompting Bill Kole there to tweet, "Soon I will be assimilated. Resistance is futile. You will know me as Bill 2.0 ..." Also, Warren Buffett apparently likens his investment hunt to a journalist chasing a story--i.e., he straight-up said "I consider myself a journalist." "(Can I consider myself a billionaire, then?)," wonders Bloomberg's Chris Condon.

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