Harrison Ford and other headlines

Mar 06, 2015

"May the Force be with him," tweets Carol Cling of the Las Vegas Review Journal, after news broke that actor Harrison Ford was injured in the crash landing of a vintage World War II training plane (34,000 shares and climbing). The actor reportedly is in "fair and moderate condition," although far too many journalists saw that as permission to let loose "flying Solo" and "Air Force One" jokes (even NBC News slipped one in, then appeared to think better of it. You calm that down, NBC). CNN reports that Ford's publicist says his injuries "are not life-threatening, and he is expected to make a full recovery" (18,000+ shares). "Sources tell @NBCNews that Harrison Ford suffered a broken arm and a nasty head gash and underwent surgery," details M. Alex Johnson. Once more news was released, "relief" seems to describe collective response from journalists: "It's going to be OK - it's going to be OK. I promise I don't care if #HarrisonFord does 'Blade Runner 2!'" tweets Tom Risen with U.S. News & World Report.

In other headline news, the Jobs Report: the U.S. added 295,500 of them and unemployment has fallen to 5.5% (700+ shares so far). Here's everything you need to know according to the Wall Street Journal and what to look for according to the New York Times. "Yes, at 5.5%, we've entered the zone where economists start using the term 'full employment,'" acknowledges WSJ's Neil King. Semi-relatedly, here's Bloomberg's Kyle Stock and Kim Bhasin on why retailers are suddenly desperate to keep their "least-valuable workers" (~300). Elsewhere in finance, WSJ's Colin Barr reports that Apple added to the Dow Jones Industrial Average (1,100+). "By swapping Apple for AT&T, Dow gains exposure to the highest-margin part of the wireless biz. For now, anyway," explains Dan Gallagher from Heard on the Street.

Worth noting: a NASA spacecraft just became the first to orbit a dwarf planet (8,000+). "A Tweet from a spacecraft far, far away," heralds News Journal's Beth Miller. On climage change, here's why the Guardian is putting that threat to Earth "front and centre"--or center, if you're American (1,800+). Meanwhile, NYT's Adam Nagourney makes the case for why a UCLA debate over a Jewish student echoes of old biases (12,800+). "Does being Jewish mean you're biased? @adamnagourney, apparently time traveling to 1900 for this absurd story," scoffs colleague Jack Healy.

Emailgate is far from over, too: the U.S. State Department is reviewing whether Clinton e-mail violated security rules (700+). "So, 90% of the emails Clinton turned over to State were ones State already had in their possession? Geez," reacts Josh Rogin from Bloomberg News and CNN. But Hillaryland's silence is strategic, Bloomberg's Jennifer Epstein reports (~400). "@HillaryClinton's tweet was meant to ease pressure &, if all goes according to plan, that's all we'll hear for weeks," Epstein predicts. "Email flap sets up potentially uncomfortable dynamic: Clinton campaign stays quiet, WH forced to answer for them," points out Politico's Edward-Isaac Dovere.

Abroad, BBC News covers the outcry as Islamic State bulldozers
 Nimrud, Iraq (5,400). The Telegraph's Iain Martin prompts, "Imagine men so bigoted and thick that they destroy 13th century archeological treasures."

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