Monday media madness

Mar 09, 2015

Your media must-read this morning is a well crafted exposé of (actually) true war stories at NBC News c/o New York Magazine's Gabriel Sherman (3,200+ shares as of this moment). At the LA Times, Bret Israel reacts, "dysfunction--thy name is NBC News." Kim Masters with The Hollywood Reporter points out, "Perhaps most damning re Brian Williams is that he reportedly fought to keep tough stories off the air." Juiciest nuggets include Williams referring to Tom Brokaw as his "ghost" and Matt Lauer's "creative" description of an all-woman producing team. "Lilith Fair: now a pejorative term," notices freelance journalist Michelle Dean.

While entreating the GOP to refrain from playing by "Clinton Rules," the appeal of Rick Wilson's otherwise agreeable advice is overshadowed by his confusion on how media actually feel about the Clinton email scandal (1,200+). "The media 'hate this story', which was broken by @nytimes and moved on by @AP and others. Or, this article is garbage," denounces Jon Swaine with Guardian US. "U can read this whole piece & never learn that the single most mainstream outlet in the whole country broke the story," remarks MSNBC's Christopher Hayes. At the New York Times, where they, y'know, broke the story, Charlie Savage scolds, "Hey @TheRickWilson 'GOP Media Guy' how do u know about Clinton email? Oh the NYT told you. But yeah 'the media' etc."

Motivated by new evidence being aired by an HBO documentary “The Jinx," an inquiry seems to have been reopened into the death of an elusive suspect’s friend (~1,000 shares). Charlie Gasparino with Fox Business praises, "kudos to @HBO 'the jinx' is great journalism." In a Medium confessional on depression, Chris Deerin admits he is a broken man. Spectator's Alex Massie applauds, "@chrisdeerin again reminding everyone he's one of the finest columnists working anywhere these days." Something else the media is admiring this morning: Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith's dashingly respectful goodbye post that starts "Dear Baltimore" (which earned a stunning 17,500+ shares). At WBAL-TV Baltimore, Gerry Sandusky concludes, "Torrey Smith demonstrated pure class from his first day as a Raven to his last."

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