Journalists react to the end of Gigaom

Mar 10, 2015

"RIP Gigaom. Your unsensationalized analysis of complicated & unsexy topics was fleeker than a mofo," mourns Twitter persona Startup L. Jackson, after Gigaom announced an inability to "pay its creditors in full" meant the publication would be shuttering its doors (news that received 5,500+ shares as of this morning). Managing editor Laura Hazard Owen soon after announced, "I'm gonna go down the list of @gigaom writers and say what I think is amazing about each of them (alphabetical order)." And here they are:

  • Assistant managing editor Biz Carson "is going to be the executive editor of your tech website one day," Owen predicts.
  • Robotics reporter Signe Brewster "understands all the science, robots and drones that you were thinking your website should maybe try to cover," Owen tweets.
  • Cloud tech reporter Barb Darrow "has an amazing, hilarious and distinct voice and somehow makes SaaS interesting."
  • Staff reporter Carmel DeAmicis "is a rising star. She gets awesome Silicon Valley scoops. And she has real go get em reporter genes."
  • Senior writer Katie Fehrenbacher "proved that there is a MASSIVE audience for long features on energy and cleantech. She is also the coolest."
  • Senior writer Kevin Fitchard "writes about crazy wireless technology in the cleanest, smartest way; has 2 rescue pitbulls; knows everything about food."
  • Senior writer Derrick Harris "grasps massive, hard concepts like machine learning and stuff I still don't understand, and he is his own conference biz."
  • Senior writer Stacey Higginbotham "is just the most knowledgeable, passionate and hardworking reporter/friend. And was here at the start. ... her passion for the dorkiest concepts is actually contagious because she will not let you not be excited about it."
  • Staff writer Kif Leswing "is surprisingly knowledgeable on niche media in addition to being an ace mobile reporter. This guy is versatile."
  • Tech writer David Meyer "pinpoints how privacy issues in Europe will impact the rest of the world. He's based in Berlin so he's online earlier than you."
  • Law and policy reporter Jeff Roberts "has the essential reporter skill of not being afraid to piss anyone off - while also being very nice. And he is a lawyer."
  • Senior writer Janko Roettgers "has all of the world's scoops. He even wrote a famed "how to get scoops" presentation. He was a cord cutter before it was cool."
  • Senior writer Kevin Tofel "is a mobile reporting machine who is taking a computer programming class on his own time, all to benefit his readers" and together with Roettgers "singlehandedly kept Google+ alive these past couple years. Their followings there are suspicious."
  • Staff writer Jonathan Vanian "knows which startups will be the next Docker. It is HARD to find a young reporter like that (sorry, he's getting married)."

We mustn't leave Owen herself out of this mix, either. "I know @laurahazardowen is shouting out her GigaOm colleagues so it's my turn to shout out her exemplary publishing reporting, hire her ASAP," urges Publishers Lunch's Sarah Weinman, who should know.

Senior writer Mathew Ingram concludes, "Regardless of what has happened, I don't regret my time at Gigaom in the least -- @om built something great and I was glad to be part of it."

Tech editors, managers, publishers, CEOs ... you know what to do. Hire these folks!

Reactions from elsewhere: "This kind of cashflow brick wall - not filing for bankruptcy, just giving the co to creditors, is hard to comprehend," reflects BuzzFeed's Tom Gara. "This was not written by a professional writer or editor," deduces ZDNet's Ed Bott. Re/code's Kara Swisher was on the job to say goodbye to tech’s pioneering tech blog, and this quote stood out to many of us: "'Not now dude' -@om's text reply to @karaswisher's request for comment," shares Ismat Sarah Mangla with International Business Times. What Om Malik tweeted: "Just walked out of Gigaom for the last time. Thank you everyone. I will miss you all for rest of my life!"

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