All about those emails

Mar 11, 2015

"Kudos to @ashleyrparker for her profile of the revered Flip Phone Caucus," tweets PostTV's Ed O'Keefe, with praise for Ashley Parker's New York Times dip into the weird world of politicos who don't email as some sort of status symbol (~1,000 shares this morning). "Lede of the day, on email Luddites in Congress," declares NYTNow's Clifford Levy, to which Parker replies, "Thanks… @jestei and I had 50/50 odds on whether NYT Style would allow 'emoji' to slip into a lede..." First Look Media's Elle Reeve points out, "this is the kind of bullshit millennials have to put up with in the office every day."

Which brings us to the main point we're all talking about email today, of course: No classified emails by Clinton? Well, that leaves some experts skeptical, to say the least (1,600 shares). Yesterday's Hillary presser presented "an email defense that turned defensive," is NYT's Maggie Haberman's take (~1,000). "In another life, @maggieNYT would make a great theater critic," concludes colleague Patrick Healy, who is in fact a theater reporter, so we'll take his word for it. All in all, Clinton's campaign is off to a grim start, posits BuzzFeed's Ben Smith (~700). "Clinton projected the stoicism of a person who really, truly hates what she's doing, and does it anyway," Smith sagely writes. Hillary also claimed that the "server contains personal communications from my husband and me," but uh ... Bill supposedly still doesn’t use email

In contrast, consider how emails just betrayed the fact that a lobbyist had an undisclosed role in the Cuomo financial crisis investigation (400+). "What can happen when emails are saved & disclosed: We just busted a Cuomo lobbyist for lying," pointedly announces Eric Umansky from ProPublica, where they broke that news.

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