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"This is a rather crazy article about New York's Finest Wikipedians," remarks Bloomberg Businessweek's Aaron Rutkoff, in reaction to edits to Wikipedia pages on alleged victims of police brutality that have been traced to NYPD's 1 Police Plaza address (via Capital New York3,600+ shares so far). Andrew Hawkins with Crain's New York BusinessAndrew Hawkins further elucidates, "Wikipedia edits traced to NYPD computers. Eric Garner, Sean Bell ... and Chumbawumba?" Okay, so some of the edits are more innocuous than others. By the way, this news was brought to you by Capital's Kelly Weill. "Some Friday motivation: @KELLYWEILL is **still in college**," points out DNAInfo's Danielle Tcholakian.

In Day 2 of Carol Leonnig's latest Secret Service Saga (with help from Peter Hermann), the agents who allegedly drunk-drove into a White Hosue security barricade apparently disrupted a bomb investigation there in the process (4,300+). In fact, they "may have driven over the suspicious package itself" (!!!). Although, as NYT's Binyamin Appelbaum suggests, "If you drive over a suspicious package and it doesn’t explode haven’t you completed the investigation?" Oh, so they were helping. Noted! "This latest @CarolLeonnig scoop has me envisioning a zany Secret Service comedy starring the cast of 'Anchorman,'" divulges WaPo's Dan Egge. "Pretty much the only person I trust to protect the president at this point is @CarolLeonnig herself," concludes colleague Ben Terris.

What you tweet might tell Janet Yellen it’s time to raise rates (~300). And speaking of tweets, may we share with you "Celebrities Read Mean Tweets," Presidential edition, in which Barack Obama advises one troll in a fatherly manner, "You know, the haha and LOL are redundant" (35,000+ shares). Preach it, Obama; that has always been one of our pet peeves. One of the lucky trolls offered a reaction to being selected for this honor: "Sure, I mock President Obama' s jeans. But I do it because I care." An Australian responds, "Dear America, For some reason our Prime Minister bit into a raw onion today, skin and all. We'd kill for bad jeans. Best, Australia."

Which brings us to today's next trending item: Prime Minister Tony Abbott eats an onion, skin and all, while touring an onion farm in Tasmania (8,300+). "I'm no expert in Australian politics but Tony Abbot does a lot of things an alien pretending to be human would do," posits BuzzFeed's Ryan Broderick. Elsewhere in politics, Carly Fiorina is positioning herself as the Republican foil to Hillary Clinton (1,000+). In the Democratic camp, Obama's adviser Valerie Jarrett intends "to stay until the lights go off" and says part of her job is to be Obama's friend (300+). National Journal's Ron Fournier strongly disagrees with this: "NO part of your job is being POTUS' pal. Be that on your own dime. Your job is to serve us and The President." Salena Zito with the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review tweets that Jarrett's "arrogance in this interview is chilling & breathtaking & not good kind of breathtaking." Meanwhile, Mitt Romney tells Obama he should say "no deal" to Iran (14,000+ shares). "Romney dismisses as a self-evident failure these deals that delayed NK nukes for over a decade," summarizes Politico's Alex Burns. And checking in on the email controversy beat, New York's Cuomo administration is under pressure to change its policy on purging state workers' emails. "Wow. Gov. Cuomo uses 'PIN messages,' the old-school BlackBerry bypass-the-email-server messaging system," notes WSJ's Tim Hanrahan.


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