Monday morning headlines

"HBO's The Jinx is a journalistic supernova. The 6-part documentary has the power to reaffirm your faith in our craft," contends ESPN's Don Van Natta, and it's hard to argue with that now that the HBO documentary has led to the arrest of its subject, Robert Durst, thanks to a seeming confessional from "an unguarded moment caught on a microphone he wore during filming" (shared at least 26,000+ times this morning). Business Insider's Matt Rosoff offers a pro tip: "Don't wear the mic into the bathroom!" As stunning as this revelation is, it's not the part to trigger incredulous reactions: "Mathletes, help! How could that Durst audio, which must have been from fall 2013, have been found two years later?" demands BuzzFeed's Kate Aurthur. On an artistic level, the New York Times review says The Jinx finale was also gut-wrenching, remarkable television (3,200+ shares).

After much suspenseful speculation, Russian president Vladimir Putin appears in public for first time since March 5 (700+), but during his absence he did manage to order an Arctic naval alert (1,800+). Freelance journalist Paul Lewis cautions, "Be careful what you wish for. Putin re-appears and mobilizes the navy!" Also filed under world politics, India's Julio Ribeiro writes "I feel I am on a hit list" for being Christian (7,600+). Meanwhile, The Atlantic's Jeffrey Goldberg asks an uncomfortable question: "Is It Time for the Jews to Leave Europe?" (5,800+). A discomfiting statistic: "France’s 475,000 Jews represent less than 1 percent of the country’s population. Yet last year, according to the French Interior Ministry, 51 percent of all racist attacks targeted Jews." Tony Karon responds, "Herzl couldn't persuade Jews they had no future in Europe. Nor did Auschwitz. Somehow doubt Jeffrey Goldberg can."

In American politics, take a look inside presidential hopeful Marco Rubio’s (literal) "house of horrors" (800 shares). Simultaneously, another contender Mike Huckabee is pursuing unconventional ways of fundraising (600+). "Have you been injured in an accident, hurt on the job or need a cure for diabetes endorsed by a 2008 prez candidate?" Politico's Alex Burns sums it up.

In other news to know, a suspect has been arrested in shooting of two officers in Ferguson (900+). "Was he a protest regular? Prob not. Did he target the officers? We don't know. Will this hurt the protests? We'll see," suggests co-author Wesley Lowery with the Washington Post. Also from the cop beat, an LAPD officer was just arrested at the US-Mexico border for smuggling (1,200+).

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