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Mar 17, 2015

"The Most Transparent Administration In History™ sure picked a strange way to kick off Sunshine Week," observes Electronic Frontier Foundation's Parker Higgins after USA Today's report that the White House office to delete its FOIA regulations (which earned a whopping 25,000+ shares). Not only that, but they dropped this bomb on what happened to be National Freedom of Information Day, which "raised eyebrows." This, of course, prompted a "Not silent scream of reporters everywhere," as Salena Zito with the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review put it. "It's like the @WhiteHouse doesn't even care about PR anymore," observes's Kathryn Watson. Well, join tonight's #muckedup, if you want to chat about it more.

In other breaking news, San Francisco 49ers linebacker Chris Borland is retiring over head injury concerns at only 24 (21,500+ shares). "Most fans probably don't know Chris Borland. But I have feeling he's going to be reference point for years to come," predicts sports columnist Jeff Schultz with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "This is how football becomes boxing," concludes ESPN's Pablo Torre.

From the race beat, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is encouraging baristas to talk about it (race) with their customers (~5,000). BuzzFeed's Hayes Brown responds, "So. Much. Side-eye." Elsewhere in race relations, Washington Post's Jonathan Capehart pens a difficult but meaningful read on how "hands up, don't shoot" was built on a lie (4,400+). Capehart calls it, "The hardest piece I’ve ever had to write." Simultaneously, Missouri's lieutenant governor claims there is "more racism in the Justice Department than the entire St. Louis area" (1,300+), prompting Kansas City Star's Barb Shelly to tweet, "Wonder why @PeterKinder has plateaued at #MO Lt. Gov.? Wonder no more."

Before Israelis began heading to the polls today, incumbent prime minister Benjamin Netanyah spent his last day of the campaign visiting a contentious Jerusalem settlement, declaring once and for all that he will never establish a Palestinian state (20,000+). Roger Cohen with the New York Times asks, "Why did Bibi waste the world's time? At last he says what we all knew: Netanyahu Says No to Palestinian Statehood." Maybe it was that sweet, sweet Chuck Norris endorsement (which got an impressive 46,000+ shares). At NPR, Domenico Montanaro muses, "Chuck Norris doesn't endorse. He tells the world how it's gonna be. Or does he. (Cribbing from Huckabee's 08 ad)." Meanwhile, however, a poll shows that two out of three Americans actually favor direct nuclear talks with Iran after all (~1,000).

Narrowing in on American politics, Mother Jones argues "If You Own a Pitchfork, You Will Grab It When You See This Chart" (9,600+). A poll shows that Hillary Clinton's email saga is dividing the public (1,200+).

And on the subject of everyone's new favorite documentary, "The Jinx" director Andrew Jarecki speaks out on Robert Durst and that ending (2,800+).

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