Murmurs from the media

Playboy's interview with Dick Cheney conducted by James Rosen is truly something to behold (3,200+ shares as of this morn). Olivier Knox with Yahoo News laments, "I cannot un-read Cheney's China analysis in Playboy. 'We’re into their knickers a long way and vice versa.'" On the subject of The JinxColumbia Journalism Review wonders where does journalism end and entertainment begin (~100)? Meanwhile, the Guardian, FT, CNN and Reuters are currently in an ad deal to take on Facebook and Google. Some head's up, political reporters: the Hillary Clinton team just picked Brian Fallon as lead press secretary. That's the DOJ spokesman, Associated Press, not the lead singer of The Gaslight Anthem.

Under the snarky headline "So Glad You Could Make It, Mr. Mayor," the New York Times is really starting to show its irritation with Bill deBlasio's tardiness problem (200+). NY1's Josh Robin summarizes, "BdB late to event this morning. In his own house. And NYT edit board writer not amused." Oh, and in this excellent installment of journalism, a lamb was spotted lunching with diners in Brooklyn (400+), a piece that's rife with the most awesome, quotable-yet-unquotable quotes ever. DNAinfo's Katie Honan announces, "I'm going to make this t-shirt and never take it off. Anyone else interested?"

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