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Mar 18, 2015

"There's nothing worse than doing the correction walk of shame. But this one is maybe more shameful than some others," tweets Globe and Mail's Gloria Galloway, after the Associated Press managed to momentarily confuse accused murderer Robert Durst with Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst (which got gleefully shared at least 12,000 times by journalists reveling in schadenfreude, as of our last count). Nothing like the world's oldest and most respected news agency making a comically colossal mistake, we always say. "I wonder if the editor was all like 'give me something to break' after running this correction," muses CNN's Tom Kludt. "Better, could we fix this by just arresting Fred Durst?" wonders Washington Examiner's David Freddoso. "The only downside to this Robert Durst / Limp Bizkit mix-up is that I now have 'Nookie' stuck in my head," admits Statesman Journal's Anna Staver. But then Brian Chen with the New York Times points out, "Sad thing about AP correction re: Fred Durst is it's still wrong. He's the current Limp Bizkit frontman, not former." Whereas New York Magazine's Marin Cogan could only tweet, "Hahahhahahahahahahahahaha."

And we all might never have stopped laughing, were it not for the breaking news of Rep. Aaron Schock's resigning (40,000+ shares). Politico's Jake Sherman shares, "OUR STORY: SCHOCK said he drove 170k mi. He SOLD his car w 80k mi on it ... 12 hours after we asked, he resigned." Okay, there might be some laughter involved: "He has a bright future in interior decorating," jokes BuzzFeed's Saeed Jones. Here are his final hours as a congressman (1,100+ shares). "Good grief. Aaron Schock didn’t even tell GOP leadership he was resigning," Metro Weekly's Justin Snow tsk-tsks. And speaking of resignations, Mickey Kaus just made waves by quitting the Daily Caller after Tucker Carlson refused to publish his column criticizing Fox News: "We can't trash Fox on the site. I work there." Jonathan Alter of MSNBC and the Daily Beast declares, "My friend Mickey has character. He quit because Fox a sacred cow at Daily Caller." Although Washington Post's Radley Balko couldn't resist ribbing, "You don't have to pick a side, here. It's okay to want everyone involved to lose."

The other big political news is that Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu saw a clear electoral victory yesterday (14,700+), but it was an ugly race that may have cost him important allies and voters in the future (7,000+) after Netanyahu "expressed alarm over strong Arab voter turnout" (12,000+). "Yeah, it's awful when citizens exercise their rights," snarks NYT's Clyde Haberman. Elsewhere in bad news, the Pentagon lost track of $500 million in counterterrorism aid given to Yemen (~12,000). Tim Dickinson with Rolling Stone quips, "what's a half billion dollars in missing small arms between friends… or, you know, Iranian-backed rebels or Al Qaeda." Meanwhile, Iowa's GOP wants Gov. Scott Walker to drop the adviser who trashed their great state (600+). Andrew Kaczynski with BuzzFeed concludes, "Twitter ... is causing ... problems ... for presidential [campaigns]."

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