Wednesday's question of the day

Our last question asked: According to BuzzFeed, (now former!) U.S. Rep. Aaron Schock may have spent $5,000 on a replica of what, now? That would be what appears to be a replica of President Obama’s lectern (grammatical purists will tell you it's a lectern, as opposed to "podium," but we accepted both answers). That might be the last we hear about Schock's outrageously entertaining purchases, though, now that he's resigned. Pour one out for the lectern!

Congratulations to Dan Rosenbaum of for being the first to answer that, and we'll also give credit here to Craig Pittman, who was the first to passionately remind us all of the eternal lectern vs. podium debate! Honorable mentions belong to Jeanne KirkKen WalkerJim DeLa (who adds "For five grand, let's hope it makes a damn fine cup of expresso, too"), Jason ShevrinFrancis HincheyBrian Gallagher (who wishes it was "Pres. Petrov's surfboard" from House of Cards), Margo Howard, and Hollywood Highlands. Sorry, Chris Lombardi and Alan Blaustein, it was not "Downton Abbey" or a "Victorian-style drawing room for his office," although it's totally understandable why one might lose track of/confuse all the things Schock spent too much money on!

As for today's question, here it is: Why do scientists have penguins "walking the plank" in a London zoo?

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