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"This is how Larry King 'Twitters' gems like 'I've never been in a canoe,'" realizes Ismat Sarah Mangla with the International Business Times, after Washington Post's Ellen McCarthy revealed that the "broadcast legend who just can't retire" has a rather "special" way of tweeting (2,600+ shares as of this morning). "When Larry King wants to tweet, he calls a voice mail his assistant set up, and talks. She transcribes. He's an OG," declares ESPN's Kevin Van Valkenburg. Sean Breslin with the Weather Channel announces, "brb adopting Larry King's tweeting method." But WaPo's Perry Stein brings up an important, nagging question: "Larry King has tweeted more than 9x times. Does this mean he's called his Twitter voicemail 9k times, with hashtags?" The mystery continues.

And now for some politics, arguably the highest trending beat among journalists. Monica Lewinsky is (still) back, but this time it’s on her terms (15,000+ shares). Women journalists seemed most supportive of this latest update: "Happy for @MonicaLewinsky, finally revealing herself, owning her story and finding her path," reflects freelance journalist Jill Lawrence. "My friends are coming over to drink tea and discuss Queen @MonicaLewinsky. Tweet me if you want in! (You want in.)," dishes New York Magazine's Sierra Tishgart. Male members of the industry, overall, seemed less swayed: "I'm not aware she ever left," argues Politico's Ben White. "To be Lewinsky is to be an Electoral Cicada, forced to emerge anew every 4 years like the Eternal Clintons," similarly muses NYT's Michael Powell. "Monica Lewinsky has one hell of a PR person," was Glenn Thrush's main takeaway.

Elsewhere in politics, General David Petraeus says the Islamic State isn’t our biggest problem in Iraq but rather the Iranian-backed Shiite militias (2,000+). In Nigeria, the nation's army was noticeably absent in a town taken from Boko Haram (1,000+). Meanwhile, the Associated Press reports that emails show the World Health Organization resisted declaring Ebola emergency (200+). In American politics, the Clinton Foundation swore off donations from foreign governments while Hillary was in the State department, but, apparently they didn't feel that should apply to foreign politicos (1,100+). In other damning news, the FBI and federal prosecutors are investigating Aaron Schock (600+). Also, here's a look inside the U.S. antitrust probe of Google (2,300).

In other trending topics: look what the much anticipated European eclipse did to Germany's solar power output (~300). And from the March Madness beat, here's Grantland on how the NCAA accidentally killed scoring in men’s college basketball (400+).

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