Death of a founding father

Today Singapore's "founding father" Lee Kuan Yew passed away at age 91, news that was shared among journalists more than 12,000 times over. "Socialism, Confucianism, pragmatism: How Lee Kuan Yew ran Singapore," summarizes WSJ's China editor Carlos Tejada. "Few people in history coulld claim to have had as much influence over a nation's formation than Lee Kuan Yew," concludes colleague Michael Casey. This is Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore and his impressive record (3,800 shares), although Jon Williams with ABC News notes he was, "not all good! Used draconian Internal Security Act to quell subversion & defamation suits to tame press." Still, Singapore's "minister mentor" had a far-reaching vision that made the nation "an outlier in Southeast Asia, an economic rocket ship that long ago reached escape velocity, leaving the rest of the Third World behind" (150+). Hand-picked by the Wall Street Journal, here are 5 memorable quotes from Lee Kuan Yew (3,000+). Josh Chin of China Real Time admits, "I'm egregiously biased, but this one gets my vote for the day's best Lee Kuan Yew anecdote."

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