Headlines that have us hooked

"Facebook: The modern-day paperboy," quips Fortune's Nin-Hai Tseng, in response to the news that Facebook may soon directly host news sites’ content (which received 6,700 shares among media circles as of this morning). "Like all journalists, I’m thrilled to work with my new editor @finkd," jokes Business Insider's Steve Kovach. "Facebook to media: 'That's some real nice content you got there — be a shame if something were to happen to it,'" is how Mathew Ingram chooses to interpret the move. "I'd be more worried if people who use Facebook for news overlapped more with people who go directly to news sites," admits Washington Post's James Downie. "Back in my day we walked twelve miles in horseshoes just to have our own homepage," ribs Sarah Weinman with Publishers Lunch. "Like I said (several times) Facebook IS the free press...inevitable but alarming maybe," remarks Tow Centre's Emily Bell. "Never thought I'd see the day, @nytimes on the threshold of voluntarily surrendering its editorial influence," laments the anonymous NYT Fridge. There, there, sweet fridge.

Far more harrowing, of course, is the Germanwings flight to Düsseldorf From Barcelona that crashed in Southern France, with somewhere around 140 or 150 aboard, according to official reports. “The conditions of the accident suggest there are no survivors,” French President François Hollande is quoted. Here is the aircraft's information and flight history and the apparently remote area where it fell.

Angelina Jolie is making waves with her Diary of a Surgery (which garnered 42,000+ shares). "Angelina Jolie has her ovaries and Fallopian tubes removed. Her powerful @nytimes oped will make you think," promises Naomi Pescovitz with Channel 13 Indianapolis.  "Talk about using your fame for something that matters," reflects LA TimesRebecca Keegan. Although Slate's science and health editor Laura Helmuth found something frustrating about the piece: "No, Angelina Jolie, it is NOT an option for BRCA+ to 'rely on alternative medicines combined with frequent checks.'"

In breaking political news, apparently Israel spied on the Iran talks (13,000+). "How'd the U.S. discover Israel was spying on the Iran talks? By spying on communications among Israeli officials," explains WSJ's Alex Martin. "Easier just to talk, no?" wonders MarketWatch's Steve Goldstein. On that note, meet Thomas ErdbrinkNYT's man in Tehran (3,000+). In American politics, a secret $1.5 million donation from a Wisconsin billionaire has been uncovered in the Scott Walker dark-money probe (3,300+). And breaking in tech: Morgan Stanley's CFO Ruth Porat is set to join Google as Chief Financial Officer (300+).

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