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"Hard to find anything to say on the latest Germanwings update. Properly horrifying reading," reacts Guardian's Elena Cresci, speaking for all of us as news leaked that the Germanwings co-pilot's "intention was to destroy this plane” (one post that earned at least 7,500 shares as of this morning). The pilot in question has been identified as 28-year-old Andreas Lubitz, and French authorities are saying that a terrorist motive is unlikely (which got 65,000 whopping shares). The other pilot had left the cockpit, presumably to use the bathroom, and audio indicates he was unable to open the door to return to his seat. "All but impregnable cockpit doors, a post-911 safety measure, may now have been used to murder 150 people," points out NYT's Michael Barbaro. "In 2002 we fortified cockpit doors. Just can't win," laments WSJ's Yuliya Chernova. "What will be the story behind this suicidal murderer!?" demands foreign policy blogger Steve Clemons. A BBC News post lists just a few of numerous questions: "Did he owe money? Was there a grudge? They'll look at his religion, whether he was in trouble with the law, whether he had a stable love life" (9,000+).

Hard to believe there's news headlining elsewhere in the wake of this latest unthinkable wrinkle, but of course, news never sleeps: a Justice Department report claims agents of the DEA had "sex parties" in Colombia (news that for some reason has only collected 800+ shares at the moment). "Colombian prostitutes have really cornered the market on US government agency sex parties," realizes Washington Post's Carlos Lozada. In other scandals, British Supreme Court just cleared the way for the release of those secret Prince Charles letters (6,400+). "On the day of Richard III's funeral, it's also the end of Charles III, isn't it? Woo-if you'll forgive my saying-hoo!" declares Guardian's Lindesay Irvine.

Tucker Carlson's brother is decidedly unpopular after mistakenly revealing exactly what he thought of the New York mayor's female spokesperson (~4,000), in which we learn that someone named their kids Tucker and Buckley. "This will go in the highlight reel when @TuckerCarlson gets his Lifetime Mansplaining Achievement Award," predicts BuzzFeed's McKay Coppins. Twitter also unveiled Periscope, its answer to Meerkat. "May your broadcasting connection be strong," salutes WSJ's Carla Zanoni.

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