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Mar 27, 2015

"Harry Reid retires from the ring after three decades. 'These bruises are nothing,'" summarizes Mashable's Louise Roug Bokkenheuser, as Reid thanked supporters on YouTube (2,300+ shares as of this moment) but confirmed he won’t seek re-election (10,700+ shares thus far). "I don’t want to be a 42-year-old trying to become a designated hitter," Reid told New York TimesCarl Hulse. "Veiled shot at A-Rod in @SenatorReid retirement announcement?" wonders NYT's Nick Corasaniti, whereas Nick Turner with Bloomberg News' instead theorizes that it's a "[p]retty harsh Raúl Ibañez subtweet." At the Fiscal Times, Rob Garver predicts, "So, looks like Harry Reid has two years to piss off as many people as he wants, with little consequence." Meanwhile, columnist Connie Schultz reminisces, "In my encounters with Sen. Harry Reid, I've appreciated his inability -- maybe his unwillingness? -- to mince words."

The other big news of the day was the explosion in New York's East Village (which garnered 29,000 whopping shares) that shred a restaurant, injured at least 19 and generally created chaos in that area. Sam Sheffer with The Verge observes, "the fire ate that building." NYT's Danielle Ivory shares, "Wow. Smelling smoke at my desk." In the midst of all this, BuzzFeed speculates that the Obamas are seriously considering moving to New York City, but then, "aren't we all?" posits Jill Disis with The Indianapolis Star. "He could teach class at CUNY and one at Columbia Law or SIPA—and groom himself to be the next UN secretary general," suggests Josh Greenman at the Daily News.

The Germanwings saga is far from over, too, with investigators in hot pursuit of what mind have been the motive in the crash (4,000+) caused by the co-pilot who "started the descent" (44,000 shares and rising). Police made a "significant" discovery at his home (~5,000), which indicates he had a medical condition he hid from colleagues (2,000), with signs pointing to depression. "This raises questions about the co-pilot's right to medical privacy vs. the safety of his passengers," points out Wall Street Journal's Rob Barry.

Back to politics, Republican Texas rep Louie Gohmert is weighing a presidential bid (7,700+), or as Daily Beast's Asawin Suebsaeng chooses to bill it, "#YOLOOOOOOOOOOOO." Plus, Scott Walker just flip-flopped his stance on immigration at a private dinner (2,000+). "So there’s the flip, then the flop. What comes after that?" asks TIME's Zeke Miller. Also, Yahoo's Dan Wetzel says the NCAA's response to Indiana's 'religious freedom' law is pitch perfect (and evidentally others thought so, as well, with 9,000+ shares).

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