Trevor, who? And other headlines ...

"From Soweto to the Daily Show. Fantastic @trevornoah!" applauds Al Jazeera's Jonah Hull, now that it's been announced South African comedian Trevor Noah will succeed Jon Stewart on The Daily Show (revealed via an unexpected but exciting New York Times bulletin that garned 22,000+ shares as of this moment). "Mzansi rules!" praises NYT's Lydia Polgreen. Of course, many journalists did not recognize the name. "Trevor Noah is replacing Jon Stewart on the Daily (my favorite) Show. Con: I don't know who he is. Pro: He's cute," weighs in Cosmopolitan's Michelle Ruiz, who could have easily been tweeting for a lot of people. But NYT's Peter Lattman has got you covered: "Who's Trevor Noah, the next Daily Show host? Watch this 8-minute comedy routine and you'll get a good sense" (which got a whopping 66,000+ shares). After obeying, David Sims with The Atlantic reacts, "I barely know Trevor Noah, but this is an incredible set. Starts quiet, builds to a Hitler impression over 8 mins!" Given Noah's multiracial background and experience under apartheid, he will undoubtedly bring diversity and a global view that the Daily Show could use--although those who had been hoping for a female successor couldn't help but be disappointed. For instance, "I still would have liked to see the Jessica Williams version of the show," points out Emily Stephenson with Reuters.

Elsewhere in headline news, Apple's CEO Tim Cook argues pro-discrimination "religious freedom" laws are dangerous (collecting an impressive 63,000+ shares and climbing). Talk about dangerous, the Guardian just uncovered that the personal details of world leaders were accidentally revealed by G20 organizers (9,000+). "Australia accidentally leaks personal data of world leaders, decides not to bother telling them it happened," observes James Ball there.

In other stunning revelations, authorities admit the Germanwings co-pilot had been treated for "suicidal tendencies" (2,300+). Meanwhile, the spokesman for the recently late Missouri auditor Tom Schweich has also just been found dead, dead of apparent self-inflicted gunshot (2,500+). And our last item on the negative news list: Iran has just backed away from a key detail in the nuclear deal (7,300+). "My take: Exploiting Obama's desire for a deal at any cost, Iran reneges on key commitment on eve of deadline," theorizes Mike Doran.

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