Your Monday media mêlée

The CEO of the Associated Press has taken a strong stand that the killing of journalists should be a war crime under international law. "After deadly year for journalists, @AP chief demands new protections for media targeted by extremists," summarizes Jon Williams with ABC News. Meanwhile, after the successful removal of a carcinoid tumour from his lung, BBC's Nick Robinson announces, "I'm taking a first baby step back to work after my op. My blog - Why this election is all about YOU & news about ME" (2,000+ shares as of this morn). "Shrewd, smart, knowledgable, great broadcaster & a good guy so welcome back," responds Daily Mirror's Kevin Maguire. Plus, Tero Kuittinen declares Meerkat dead – and it’s apparently all the fault of tech journalism in the U.S. (400+). "An (unfortunately rare) example of a piece that points out 'popular w/ tech journos' =/= 'actually popular'," contends New Statesman's Ian Steadman. And, hey, look, guys--former Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke not only joined Twitter but also is "inaugurating" a new blog (1,100+). "Bernanke really missed the opportunity to call this thing like, The Audit," argues National Journal's Matt Berman.

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