The press box and peanut gallery

Cablevision reportedly is prepared to make a $1 offer for the New York Daily News, according to a Reuters source  (560+ shares as of this morning), and no we didn't forget any zeros or Ms or Ks in this sentence. "Oh hell, why not: I bid $2!" ribs Adam Sternbergh with Vulture and New York Times Magazine. At New York MagazineAnnie Lowrey is making waves with her well crafted stand against sexism you can’t quite prove (which earned an impressive 11,000+ shares). "The dog stuff is maddening. Wait til she has kids," reacts NYT's Dionne Searcey. For the Washington PostPaul Farhi reports that journalists say federal officials and data are increasingly off-limits (1,800+). "Extreme partisanship means information is extremely weaponized. This story is sadly true - from first-hand experience," confirms Chuck Raasch with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. And in a beautiful Medium remembrance, Ivan Maisel shares his eulogy for his son Max. "Given the response to my eulogy for Max, and the requests for copies, I decided to publish it," Maisel explains.

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