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Apr 03, 2015

"Looks like @nytmag just won Easter on the internet," tweets John Tozzi with Bloomberg Businessweek, and we must agree. Although this first piece is far from investigatory, it's timely in the sense that Easter is around the corner and also because we want to soften the blow of today's headlines: please enjoy the cuddly, fluffy, surreal world of Angora show bunnies (which has earned 25,000+ very deserved shares). Thank you, New York Times Magazine, thank you a million times for this feature, which makes a day of bad news just a bit more bearable. "New weekend plan: Acquire Angora rabbit, name it 'Fluff Daddy,'" announces Paige Cornwell with the Seattle TimesJessica Valenti at Guardian US realizes the accompanying photo gallery is basically "like high school yearbook photo fails but for bunnies." Meanwhile, Fast Company's Reyhan Harmanci wails in lament, "Why is the NYT Mag angora bunny slideshow only 8 photos???"

Now that we've got that out of our system, we direct your attention to significantly more important journalism: hundreds of fishermen rescued amid Indonesian slavery probe, and it's all thanks to the Associated Press sticking their nose where it absolutely did belong (~300 shares at this moment, but that ought to get much higher as the day goes on!). "Journalism matters: After @AP story on slavery, today hundreds of fishermen rescued," praises colleague Kathleen Carroll. In other investigations, Warren Buffett's mobile home empire evidentally preys on the poor, the last man to beat Floyd Mayweather Jr. still regrets it, and French investigators found the second black box from the Germanwings crash and report that the co-pilot actually accelerated plane on descent.

Yesterday's news from Kenya also grows more horrifying by the hour, as the estimated number of victims killed by the gunmen who mounted a deadly attack increases to nearly 150. On the Iranian nuclear deal, President Barack Obama took a foreign policy gamble and the reactions from media have been mixed: the Washington Post says it falls far short of his own goals while Vox's Max Fisher declares it a very good Iran deal. WaPo's executive editor Martin Baron also put out a renewed plea regarding detained Post reporter Jason Rezaian. "Reminder: @jrezaian of @washingtonpost remains in Iranian prison. Again we call for the cruelty to end," Baron tweets. Lastly, because it's that time again, here's everything you need to know about the March jobs report, c/o the Wall Street Journal.

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