Question of the day

 Our last question asked: What long-running ABC show is supposedly getting a reboot by Netflix is causing a stir lately? That would be Full House, of course!

Congratulations to "recovering journalist" Jessica M. Pasko for being the very first to answer that correctly! Honorable mentions belong to Craig Pittman (who adds he was more excited by this Netflix news), Hollywood HighlandsJeanne Kirk (who notes, "the 80's are back and they weren't that good the first time around!"), Hiram ReisnerKen Walker (who points out, "Except now it'll be called 'Fuller House.' For seriously") , Ashley M. ApodacaNancy Jean (who adds, "Though I'd much rather have another season of #ArrestedDevelopment"), Lori Nash ByronBrianne O'Donnell (who punctuated with a #havemercy gif), Karen Fratti (who added an #UncleJesse4Life hashtag), Dan Rosenbaum (who hopes Netflix "gives full reign to Bob Saget's famously potty mouth") Charlotte LoBuono (who also made clear her admiration for Uncle Jesse), Toni AntonettiLauren Willard, and Mai Tatoy for all getting that right as well. It's clear that the power of Uncle Jesse's fanship remains alive and well!

As for today's question: What recent mistake by a New York Times national columnist had Biblical implications?  (Hey, at least it rhymed with the right word?)

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