Snowden, Science Babe and stones

Apr 07, 2015

"The annual Shrouding of the Snowden, an Easter Monday tradition," muses BuzzFeed's Tom Gara, after New York officials covered a surreptitiously installed surprise Edward Snowden statue in Brooklyn park (55,000+ shares). "Bust of the day (in both senses): A bronze-patina'd tribute to #EdwardSnowden stood for all of a few hours," quips Entertainment Weekly's Thom Geier. "My, that was quick," reacts Janine Gibson with Guardian US. "History won't judge you kindly," predicts CNNMoney's Jose Pagliery, directing his tweet to the officials.

Speaking of Snowden, John Oliver sat down with him to show him how few Americans know who he is or what he did, among other things (153,000+ whopping shares). Or as Amy Worden with the Philadelphia Inquirer puts it, "Why John Oliver is a journalistic game-changer." Journalist Adam Rose responds after watching, "John Oliver interview of Edward Snowden = WOW. Oliver runs laps around news AND comedy worlds."

In the wake of yesterday's latest Rolling Stone bombshell, Jack Shafer warns other publications against throwing stones from their glass houses: "May Satan capture your soul and make it his plaything if you think you and your publication are incapable of such journalistic malpractice," are Shafer's exact, terrifying words (~500 shares). Be that as it may, the UVA fraternity at the center of the fracas is poised to go after Rolling Stone for smearing them (2,500+). Revisiting the Brian Williams scandal, here's a none-too-flattering peek inside the current chaos that is NBC News (~700). "Am I very naive not to have known how often senior news types call Page Six on eachother / themselves?" wonders Clare O'Connor with Forbes. And the Science Babe (Yvette d'Entremont) calls out the Food Babe for being full of digested food (a revelation that received 55,600+ shares so far). Deadspin's Greg Howard admits, "just found out who food babe is today, but she already needs to gtfoh."

In politics, the breaking news is that Rand Paul officially is running for president (1,500+), so in honor of that, please enjoy the best and strangest items in his presidential store. Meanwhile, John McCain will run for re-election and Obama compares his Iran deal to a house under contract, awaiting appraisal, even as Chuck Schumer bucks the White House on the deal. And on the subject of the West's water woes, the LA Times highlights California's most water-hogging foods.

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