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Apr 08, 2015

"The power of the camera. Use it. This murder charge is ONLY a result of video. Keep your cameras ready and shoot," advises filmmaker Ava DuVernay, referring to recent video out of South Carolina that appears to show a white officer shooting an unarmed black man in the back as he fled after a routine traffic stop (that link got 25,253 shares as of this morning; meanwhile, the New York Times report got as high as 68,000 at last count). Unlike other recent high profile cases, murder chargers were brought against the officer in question almost immediately, but the news has still left its mark. "#WalterScott's shooting is horrific. And deeply triggering. But it's also important that the brutality facing black folks be made visible," reacts TakePart's Jamilah King.

Journalists on Twitter appeared almost universally horrified by the details of the case: "Oh my God -- #WalterScott video seems to show officer dropping his Taser near dying man's body," realizes Will Bunch with Philadelphia Daily News. "Taser appt planted in full view of other cop.what's extent of cop complicity in covering up such deaths?" wonders CCTV Africa's Fahmida Miller. "Almost as disturbing as Walter Scott being murdered by a police officer is how casually the cop lies about it," comments The New Republic's Jamil Smith. Radley Balko with the Washington Post summarizes, "Cop: I shot him when he took my Taser, fought me. Video: Cop shot guy eight times in the back as he ran. No Taser." Locally, The Post and Courier has filed a thorough and humanely reported piece we recommend you read as well (34,000+ shares and rising).

In other headlines, USA Today reveals the U.S. secretly tracked billions of calls for decades (8,100+). "Snowden didn't leak anything about this massive DEA database w/billions of calls, but his leak did bring an end to it," observes Fusion's Kashmir Hill. In Ukraine, a nagging question emerges: "Did a 10-year-old girl really die?" (~3,000) "Putin's news fabulists at work again: dead 10-yr-old in E Ukraine never existed," details Mark Colvin with Australian Broadcasting Corporation News. While we're talking Russia, here's how they hacked the White House (18,600+). The Wall Street Journal breaks the news that Shell is prepped to buy BG Group for $69.6 Billion (~1,200). And in news to make your blood boil, read how an insurer is taking money from the fan beaten at Dodger Stadium (1,700).

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