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"Did he have to do this? No. Also: yes," Chris Rovzar with Bloomberg News concludes of President Barack Obama's call to end "conversion" therapies for gay and transgender youth (breaking news that received more than 94,000 shares). Traci Lee with MSNBC reacts, "'Conversion therapy' has long been discredited ... I'm glad POTUS is calling for an end to it." Michael Kilian with the Daily Times offers this takeaway: "Leelah Alcorn's death has real impact." Also, there's this: "As part of Obama's embrace of #gay/transgender rights, there's now an 'all-gender restroom' in the EEOB," notices PostTV's Ed O'Keefe.

In other major revelations, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was just found guilty on all 30 counts for his involvement in the Boston Marathon Bombing (25,000+ shares as of last count), and 17 of the 30 carry the death penalty due to the federal charges involved--but will capital punishment be decided in an area where sentiment "runs so deeply against it?" Revisiting yesterday's news of the murder charge faced by a South Carolina police officer, the Huffington Post smartly reminds of the news report we'd be reading if Walter Scott's killing wasn't on video (31,000+). Meanwhile, the New York Times defends its decision to publish the graphic video as well as the rap sheet of the victim. Elsewhere in crime, indictments may be near in the George Washington Bridge Scandal (~4,000). Did you forget about that one? Federal investigators didn't.

A police report indicates Scientology head's father was spied on, perhaps ordered by a son fearful he would spill its worst secrets (~4,000). "Dear FBI and Department of Justice, please put an end to this rancid, criminal conspiracy posing as a 'religion'," pleads James Kirchick for the Daily Beast and Tablet Magazine. Filed under police failures, however, here's how cops failed to stop a former NFL star's "cross-country rape spree" (3,300+). In political scandal, Moroccan cash freely flows to the Clinton Foundation (~2,000). "In a surprise to no one, Clinton Foundation taking foreign cash," muses HuffPo's Igor Bobic. And a Secret Service manager is now on leave during a probe of an alleged sex assault (nearing 1,000 shares right now).

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