Headline hubbubs and hullabaloos

"Enjoy your one-day weekend, political journalists!" is how The Atlantic's Matt Ford chose to take Hillary Clinton's rumored impending decision to launch her presidential campaign on Sunday while en route to Iowa (7,400+ shares via The Guardian as of this moment). "Sunday Twitter. Get ready," advises Fusion's Margarita Noriega. The timing seemed a tad off to some journalists: "Amid questions abt foreign cash flowing to the Clintons, report says HRC set to launch 2016 campaign on Sunday," observes David Sirota with the International Business Times. Ahead of the announcement, Clinton's team apparently held an off-the-record journalist meeting, the details of which we know little except that they definitely ate pasta with walnut sauce (~200 shares). "Some vewwwwwwwy interesting sourcing + source-splainin' in this one," muses NBC's Cassandra Vinograd. "Hillary Clinton is joking about a 'new email account' to reporters already," notices Mashable's Heidi Moore.

The inspirational teenager Lauren Hill, who resolved to play college basketball even in the face of an inoperable brain tumor, has died at just 19 after her battle with brain cancer. Steve DiMeglio with USA Today predicts, "She'll be remembered for ages ..." Colleague Nancy Armour reflects, "Such a sad but beautiful story." In journalism circles, peers are mourning the Philadelphia Daily News' Stan Hochman, who has passed away at age 86. "RIP Stan Hochman, one of the best sports columnists ever and a Philly legend," responds Jeffrey McLane with the Philadelphia Inquirer.

In the latest video installment of police breaking bad, helicopter footage reveals that a man was beaten by San Bernardino County Sheriff's deputies after he was pursued for stealing a horse (13,600+ shares and rising). Or to put it into perspective, here's MSNBC's Joy Reid with a more detailed summary: "Man flees police, gets caught, puts hands behind his back, then gets Tazed, beaten, kicked by multiple officers." Paul Greaves with Debtwire admits it's "Making me wonder whether #bodycameras will change anything. Being filmed by a news helicopter didn't."

Other items that have reporters transfixed this morning for varying reasons: footage of a terrifying tornado that hit Illinois yesterday (18,500+). And then there was BuzzFeed's abrupt decision to delete a post critical of Dove, which just so happens to also be a BuzzFeed advertiser, as Gawker points out (1,600+). An update now includes a letter of explanation from the Buzz, but it does little to exonerate them. BBC's Robert Peston shares, "I like so much of @BuzzFeed, but its deletion of article critical of Dove is unsettling - see editors' letter." IBT's Ewan Palmer was a tad harsher: "Buzzfeed now taking Telegraph’s editorial stance on advertising as well as half their staff."

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