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Apr 13, 2015

"Ask your doctor if Hillary Clinton is right for you," quips MSNBC's Josh Barro, after watching the much anticipated Hillary Clinton video announcement (which made a big splash, at 83,000 shares and rising). Okay, to be fair, the video is a bit reminiscent of a pharmaceutical ad. "At first, I mistook @HillaryClinton's announcement video for a pre-roll ad it looked so commercial," realizes CNN's Chris Frates. Or maybe the beginning of a movie, before the plot twist? "I want another great Terminator movie, but I worry that this will be terrible," jokes National Review's Jim Geraghty.

There were certainly a lot of "everyday Americans" (what exactly does that mean, again?) featured in the spot. "LOL ppl are like 'i'm in a play' and 'i'm getting a job' and Hil's like 'I'M RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT' but <3 this video," teases Daily Beast's Kevin Fallon. Rebecca Berg with the Washington Examiner had a similar reaction: "Hillary is that friend you hate catching up with. 'Oh, you're starting a small business? I'm running for president.'" Also noteworthy was the strong LGBT presence. "I'll admit it: Seeing gay couples in Hillary's video brought tears to my eyes. (Yes, I remember DOMA.)," shares freelance journalist Steve Silberman. Of course, "little tiny fishes" boy is the true breakout star of the whole thing. "I love everything – EVERYTHING – about @HillaryClinton's campaign announcement video (especially the little fish boy)," gushes Maria Popova with Brain Pickings. At the very least, it was a thoroughly American political ad. "Just watched Hilary's launch video and now I'm even more depressed about the crapness of British politics," admits Sam Freedman in the U.K. 

And now for the takes. Washington Post's Greg Sargent dissects what this first video tells us (100+). Here are the 5 ways the new Hillary logo is already causing controversy. AP's Julie Pace details Hill's long road to a second campaign (~300). There was a lot of analysis of Hillary's campaign web site, which also went live yesterday (175,000 shares overall). "Why doesn't @HillaryClinton's website have an issues page? Because she doesn't have any?" theorizes Reason's Nick Gillespie. Last but not least, we give you the best take ... which is always The Onion take: Hillary Clinton To Nation: ‘Do Not F**k This Up For Me’ (which earned a well deserved 80,000 shares). "While everyone else was bitching about waiting for Clinton's announcement, @TheOnion won Twitter," concludes MLive's Susan J. Demas.

Believe it or not, other things were happening in the news, too: a small earthquake shook Los Angeles (3,000+), an Ant-Man Marvel trailer was unveiled (21,000+), the New York homeless department came under fire for buying $429 chairs and $3K TVs while shelters crumble (100+), Apple devastated the watch market (100+), and of course, Madonna and Drake made out at Coachella (shared by 14,000+ grossed out people). Then there's this: Iran reportedly has accused detained Washington Post journalist Jason Rezaian of obtaining sensitive economic data (500+), which the Post's executive editor Martin Baron called "absurd." He tweets, "Our statement on report that @jrezaian faces espionage charges: 'product of fertile and twisted imaginations'."

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