The day America lost its 16th president

Apr 14, 2015

"The AP's report of the Lincoln assassination. Took 76 words to get to the point. Where's the inverted pyramid, buddy?wonders Josh Katzowitz with CBS Sports, after reading the original AP report of Abraham Lincoln's death 150 years after it was filed (which has gotten 2,500+ shares as of last count). "Whatever the opposite of inverted pyramid is, this is it," agrees Steve Contorno with the Tampa Bay Times. "I may use this--the original news story on lincoln's assassination--in class as an example of burying the lede," admits Gerry Doyle with the International New York Times. "I'm never letting an @AP editor give me guff again about anecdotal ledes," announces AP's Nicholas Riccardi. While we're on the subject, the Washington Post thoughtfully collected several samplings of how newspapers covered the assassination a century and a half ago (1,600+ shares). Plus, meet the little girl who told Abe  to grow a beard (1,200+). Smart lass!

In slightly more current news, apparently someone stopped for lunch at Chipotle and went unrecognized (18,000+ enthusiastic shares). Can anyone confirm for us who it was? Anyone? Oh, all of Media Twitter, apparently. "Someone went to college to write this up for the New York Times," realizes Matthew Keys. And right on the heels of that Hillary burrito bustle, we learn that Marco Rubio is also running for prez (2,700+). Here's news a long time coming: ex-Blackwater guards have just been sentenced to prison for the 2007 killings of Iraq civilians (18,000+). There's something off-putting about that news report, though. "Imagine a picture like this accompanying any other story about mass murderers being sentenced," argues Joshua Holland with In tech, Nokia is in talks to buy Alcatel-Lucent (1,500+). And finally, no matter how bad your day has been, it can't be as bad as this guy's, right (~1,800)? "WHY THE F*** ARE YOU SLEEPING IN PLANE CARGO HOLDS," tweet-screams (tweems? Copyrighting that!) Andrew Martonik from Android Central.

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