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At the top of today's media musings, those faithfully stalwart staples the Bloomberg News terminals suffered widespread failures (1,300+ shares so far), which postponed deals left and right as traders were forced to do it the "old school" way (700+). "All fun and games until the UK's debt management office can't do its job," remarks WSJ's Currencies and Bonds Editor Katie Martin. "Why hasn't anyone disrupted this business yet?" wonders Josh Greenman with New York Daily News. Well, that question brings us to this barb in the Business Insider: "It also looks like some people switched to the less popular Reuters system during the outage." "Quote of the day," muses Robert MacMillan with--you guessed it--Reuters. And the rumored reason for all this havoc? A source told BI some people think it was caused by "someone spilling a can of coke on a server somewhere" (~50 shares). "Ha ha ha the Coke stock price is going to drop this morning," jokes Publishers Lunch's Sarah Weinman.

Here's something else going around press circles: Gawker Media editorial staff have decided to try to unionize, which would make them the first online media company to do so, if successful (6,300+). "What happens when New Media workers seek the rights that legacy media worker have? @Gawker employees want to find out," summarizes Globe and Mail's Stephanie Nolen. "I was ready for a Newsies sequel anyway," shrugs BI's Caroline Moss. "I love Gawker intensely. I want a Gawker union. And I want @hamiltonnolan for a shop steward," announces Adam Weinstein there. Also, Chicago's Rahm Emanuel and his rocky relationship with media apparently led his spinmeisters to compile a list of "a few reporters" they'd recommend (350+). This tweet from ABC 7 Chicago's Charles Thomas summarize most reactions: "Relieved I didn't make 'the list'." Speaking of spin (and when aren't we?), The Guardian's Marina Hyde takes a look inside British Parliament's "museum of artless bullshit" (1,700+). "This by @MarinaHyde is the very best thing written so far on the election. I challenge you not to laugh," concludes Press Association's Martyn Ziegler.

Also, apparently a trailer dropped today or something? We had no idea there were so many Jedi journalists.

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