Monday media murmurs

Awards season is in full swing: The Peabody Awards already have been announced (~1,500 shares so far) and the Pulitzers will be announced later today (20,000+ shares and rising! ... you can watch the Pulitzer revealing live here). "Congrats to @MPR for winning a Peabody on sexual abuse scandals," shares Mashable's Heidi Moore. Across the pond, The Guardian prepares to revamp its homepage to give international readers "a fresh take" (~100).

As for today's controversies, Columbia Journalism Review makes the very convincing case that BuzzFeed has a censorship problem (~1,000 shares as of last count), or as ProPublica's Amanda Zamora bills it, "#DoveGate and the rise of brand driven censorship." Then there's that time a New York Times reporter confronted Judith Miller with the words "Your stories were wrong" (170+). Also, the New York Post is claiming that Mayor Bill De Blasio has set his sights on presidential draft candidacy, but not too many journalists are convinced (2,600+ shares). A.k.a., "Anonymous sources tell a fact-challenged tab the most amazing things," ribs Nolan Hicks with rival publication the New York Daily News.

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