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Apr 21, 2015

"The missing black men analysis is genius. With a stunning result for 'What town has the most missing black men?'" journalist Mark Gimein reacts to The New York Times' Upshot piece on America's 1.5 missing African American males (which has collected a staggering 32,000 shares by this morning). As for the "stunning result" Gimein is referring to: "What U.S. city has the highest share of missing black men (mostly from imprisonment and death)? Ferguson, Missouri," points out Upshot editor and the post's co-author, David Leonhardt. "Horrified. Aghast. Stunned. And proud of the New York Times," tweets colleague Sarah Nir. "The breadth of the disappearance is strong evidence against the idea that this is mainly a function of 'culture,' argues Slate's Jamelle Bouie.

The other news gaining the most traction today concerns a Guardian report that Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has been "seriously wounded in an air strike" (5,400+ shares). But this may not change much: "key graph to understanding Baghdadi's role now and how ISIS can and would move on if he died," details BuzzFeed's Middle East correspondent Mike Giglio. Elsewhere in that region, Bloomberg View reports that President Barack Obama has known all along Iran was only three months from a bomb (2,400+). "Very important: Obama bends analysis to fit his policy (we used to call this "cherry-picking intelligence")," explains analyst Kyle W. Orton.

And in American politics, the Koch Brothers are signaling support for Scott Walker but will offer an "audition" to Jeb Bush anyway (900+). In other words, "Koch brothers will graciously allow Jeb Bush to grovel for their favor," translates Grist's David Roberts. Be that as it may, Bush is already preparing to delegate campaign tasks to a super PAC that can raise unlimited amounts of campaign cash (550+). "Why even have candidates? Let’s just vote on super PACs for president," realizes Huffington Post's Igor Bobic.

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