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Our last question asked: How many F-bombs can the Cincinnati Reds' baseball manager drop in an epic, five-minute rant about the press? Cincinnati Reds manager Bryan Price proved you can squeeze in at least 77. Here's the Wall Street Journal's f---- take.

Congratulations to Kirk Ackerson of AAFP for being the very first to get that exactly right! Special mentions go out to Thomas Feyer, who technically beat Ackerson by simply replying "Too many" and Sara Jacobson for getting close with an answer of 72. Honorable mentions go out to David Daniel (who calls it "a rant to rival Tommy Lasorda's epic Dave Kingman tirade"), Brianne O'Donnell (who suggests Price was "maybe just demonstrating the diversity of the word?"), Claudine LaforcePaul BoydHollywood HighlandsKen Walker (who notes "But in terms of expletives per second, it was only a silver medal performance"), Angie GrevingEve Byron (who advises "He needs to enhance his vocabulary with a few other choice words"), Matthew Hurst (who also shares this video on the significance), and James Mason for getting that right as well!

As for today's question, here it is: In a demonstration of data journalism at its finest, DNAInfo has just mapped out the 311 data points for what pesky problem in New York?

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