Nepal and beyond

Earthquakes aren’t like pregnancies ... They don’t have due dates," writes former New York Times journalist Donatella Lorch, as she provides an eye witness account of the grace and hope still found amid the destruction of this weekend's Nepal Quake (23,000+). Those words were actually her husband's, in response to Lorch's speculation that "the Big One" had been long overdue, but now that it's finally happened, she writes, "This is why I love Nepal. People here help one another because they know the government often can’t." CNN reports nearly 3,900 confirmed deaths thus far, as the overwhelmed army, police and emergency rescuers struggle to reach earthquake victims and the impoverished nation faces an estimated reconstruction cost of $5 billion. But here's how the world also is coming to Nepal’s aid (22,000+), including how tech giants are helping track survivors  (~2,000). In the meantime, Twitter is overrun with pictures and videos like this horrifying footage of the moment the avalanche hit Mt. Everest's base camp (75,000+), which features enough F-bombs to give Cincinnati Reds manager Bryan Price a run for his money, and understandably so. "WATCH: Climbers on Everest do not know what is about to hit them. Utterly terrifying/breathtaking video," tweets ABC's Hamish Macdonald.

In politics, under threat of event cancellations and pressure from the LGBT community and advocates, the prominent gay businessman who recently hosted Ted Cruz felt compelled to apologize, calling it "a terrible mistake" (4,000+). "The Stalinoid style in American politics. It's sad, And... scary," comes the take from The Weekly Standard's Bill Kristol. Meanwhile, Jeb Bush is boasting record campaign contributions (~300) while The New Yorker's Ryan Lizza examines Elizabeth Warren’s virtual candidacy (700+). Also, here's why the 2016 GOP race may be more like 2012 than the party had hoped. We should also use this moment to point out that Koch Industries just dropped the criminal-history question from their job applications (1,200+). Oh, and be sure to take a gander at this chart showing just how fast America changes its mind (4,700+).

Also, the Wall Street Journal reveals pharmaceutical companies have been buying rivals’ drugs, then jacking up the prices (800+). We also are witnessing the spectacular collapse of for-profit Corinthian colleges (100+). And then there's this, your "must-read" for today: A Son of Football Calls His Mother (4,000+). "If you have a child who plays football (or you love the sport), you must read this story," entreats Aisha Sultan at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

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