A peek in the press parlour

Things have gotten a little weird over at the house of NYT tech columnist Farhad Manjoo, who has just written an ode to the electronic bidet toilet, or as he calls it, The Luxury You Won’t Want to Live Without (10,500+ shares as of last count). "@fmanjoo is in love with an electric toilet," realizes Business Insider's Jay Yarow. Also from the tech beat, the Apple Watch's faulty taptic engine has slowed its roll out (1,200+) while the anonymous social app Secret goes quietly into the night after its use declined (3,179). "Secret is getting carried to the grave," quips TIME's Alex Fitzpatrick. Here's founder David Byttow's official adieu on Medium.

In entertainment, on the brink of retirement David Letterman reflects on his 33 years in late-night television (35,000+ shares and rising). "#letterman gives his best interview ever to @nytimes — turns out the crotchety old f**k has a heart, and perspective," realizes Adweek's Tony Case. At CJREmily Bell warns journalists that Google and Facebook are our frenemy (200+). "Can news business afford a truce with 3rd party technology it depends on," summarizes Mark Little with Storyful. And for Bloomberg NewsDrew Armstrong makes the very good case that it’s always a "great quarter, guys!" ... if you're an equity analyst (~800). "'Great quarter, guys!' x 1,265 = how much analysts suck up to CEOs on earnings calls," tweets colleague Anna Edney.

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